‘A Million Little Things’ Cast Says Goodbye at Finale Celebration (PHOTOS)

‘A Million Little Things’ Cast Says Goodbye at Finale Celebration (PHOTOS)
May 2023

A Million Little Things

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ABC is sending off A Million Little Things in style!

The cast and executive producers of the beloved drama gathered on Monday, May 1 at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles to celebrate its series finale. And, as you can tell in the photos above and below, the stars had fun on the red carpet as well as on stage during a conversation led by creator and executive producer DJ Nash. And the current series regulars weren't the only ones in attendance!

The finale itself will be a "celebration" of sorts as well, Nash told TV Insider at the beginning of the season. "It's a celebration of friendship."

He admitted that while it won't be easy to say goodbye, it's also "so weird because I was the one who said, 'it's time.' [Showrunner] Terrence [Coli] and I talked, and we said, 'it's time.' This isn't like a hospital show where you can have new interns come in and get a fresh crop of stories and trauma and conflict. And yet I feel like I did senior year of college, which is I know I can't stay here, but I don't want to go."

We don't know much about the finale, with the logline only teasing, "A tight-knit circle of friends is reminded that friendship is a million little things." Something tells us we're going to cry.

So for now, stay joyful and check out fun photos of the cast from the finale celebration.

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