Goya Seasoned Rice and Red Beans Mix, 7 Ounce



EASY TO MAKE | Meat, fish, chicken and vegetable lovers can complement their dishes with this delicious, versatile, easy-to-make GOYA Rice and Red Beans Mix. Escape to the Islands with this Caribbean Classic! VERSATILE MAIN OR SIDE DISH | Goya Rice and Red Beans consists of a flavorful Goya combination of Long Grain Rice Plus Delicious Red Beans Simmered in Onions, Peppers And Subtle Spices. Everything You Need to Make an Interesting and Flavorful Side Dish, Ready In Only 25 Minutes. NUTRITIONAL QUALITIES | Fat free (saturated fat free and trans fat free) and cholesterol free COMMITMENT TO QUALITY | If it's Goya... it has to be good! | ¡Si es Goya... tiene que ser bueno! ONE 7 OZ BOX | Single unit boxes and multipacks available on Amazon, Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry


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